KING SATURN △ Empress in Residence December 2015 △

Janina Angel Bath

FEMME KING △ A collaboration with King Saturn, Chani Bockwinkel & Empress Vintage △

Masculinity as it was imposed on me was something I never quite related to.  The "black king" crown was heavy on my head and didn't feel inclusive of who I really was.

The divine Feminine has always be within and around me. She pushes me. When I trust myself, I am one with the divine feminine. 

"My mother told me, from an early age, not to struggle with who I was because it was easier to be who I was "supposed to be."  I had no power.  I've reclaimed it now.  As a Femme King, I've refocused and shifted the power…"

When asked what the concept of Empress means, Saturn responded, "The Empress is ethereal & god like. You can't distinguish if that's just her presence or if she really is magic. That mystery makes her captivating." 

King Saturn wears Black Emperor fur coat & jewelry by Empress Vintage and crown by HAH Couture/Native Daughter in the first two photos.  All other photos King Saturn wears Empress Vintage jewelry and vintage Jeanne Marc coat.  Photos by Chani Bockwinkel.

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