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Aug 11

Saturday, August 11, 2018
5:00 PM 8:00 PM

 HEY LEO LOVERS!  I'm proud to present a LEO birthday celebration with the THREE OF CUPS ~ Alejandra León, Casey Zabala and myself!  We will all be doing readings, tea will be served and the Goddess will be celebrated.  Come one, come all, to a merry summer gathering of Tarot lovers! 


This event is early evening, from 5-8pm.

Alejandra León ~ Photo by Julia Corbett

Alejandra León is a Tarot and Astrology professional, as well as the creatress of The Lioness Oracle Tarot and Vision of the Muse, divination decks she collaged by hand with found paper images. She is a lover of nature, cats, vintage, and music. She resides in Oakland with her two kitties Mina and Ziggy. 

Offering Description:  Alejandra blends over 16 years of study with an intuitive, heart-felt approach. In a session with her you can expect to feel safe, accepted, and supported. She reads with a creative flair, and uses humor when appropriate. Rather than take power away from you with mere predictions, she intends to empower you to live your best life. Thus her sessions can be an interactive experience, filled with insight. 

Casey Zabala 

Casey Zabala is an artist, tarot reader, practicing witch, and wandering mystic. Her self published tarot deck, Wanderer's Tarot, is a feminist tarot deck for modern witches. Casey teaches mystical workshops which center on tarot and divination, and also include crystal healing, magical self-care, and principles of manifestation. Casey aims to guide individuals through their personal transformation with creativity and magic, by teaching ancient tools to modern seekers, while creating community along the way.

With 16 years of tarot study and experience, Casey has a guided and nurturing approach to her readings, which incorporate elements of magic and manifestation techniques. Using her natural intuitive wisdom, Casey's sessions empower each of her clients to find purpose and meaning on their healing paths. 

Wanderers Tarot


The Tarot Woman

Janina Angel Bath AKA The Tarot Woman is the owner of Empress Vintage in Berkeley, CA, where the celebration will be held!  Come one, come all!

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