The Moon Tarot Bag

Empress Vintage

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Need something to hold your tarot cards in?  What about a magical handmade bag with an image of The Moon card in the tarot? Sold exclusively at Empress Vintage in Berkeley, CA.
Tarot bags available in Berkeley, California, at Empress Vintage!  Readings available by The Tarot Woman in the boutique and over the phone by appointment only.
The Moon Tarot Bag
The Moon Tarot Bag
The Moon Tarot Bag

Product Details

The Moon tarot bag.  Explore your inner consciousness with The Moon.  The rising and falling tides are an example of the strength the Moon holds on this earthly plane.  Follow her cycles to be more in tune with your intuition.  Inner work, dreams, creativity, synchronicity.  The Moon has a special magic that can leave one feeling unsettled, as it dives so deep.  Take time to delve into her powers to find true meaning in the card. 


Measures 5” x 8”

This tarot bag is hand made and printed by Olivia Frankenstein.  

Colors may vary + imperfections on printed fabric may occur.  Each bag comes with a different color zipper so if you prefer a particular color please let us know!

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