The Kind Aura + Goldielockes Jewelry PopUp in The Empress Garden

JUL 27

Join us for a Saturday pop-up in the Empress garden!

About The Kind Aura--------
The Kind Aura is a photography studio in Venice, Ca. exploring your astral energy in tangible form—a polaroid picture. The portrait is taken with the Aura Camera 6000; invented by Guy Coggins,– “When we realize that everything originates from within, we'll see that all the love, peace, and happiness in the universe is inside, waiting to be expressed. That's when we'll discover pure joy. We can have that. It's really so simple and easy when you learn about unique splendor of your own energy.”
Your aura is measured by the biofeedback received through your hands while placed on sensors; and is as unique as your thumbprint. Each portrait includes a brief color interpretation with a keepsake box.

You can book your time-slot with The Kind Aura in advance here:


About Goldielockes Jewelry--------
Small batch jewelry made with soul + intention.
"Goldielockes is inspired by sun shells and sand. Many of the shells used have been gathered from my travels; from Spain, Israel, Costa Rica to the rocky shores of the Atlantic. All pieces were designed to bring out that inner barefooted babe in all of us."

You can find Goldielockes jewelry here: